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.  Fan Artwork
  Welcome to the fanart section, where you can find a slew of Joe/Goma related fanart! This is divided into 3 sections:
  1. New Art - Self explanitory.
  2. Artist Listing - This here is a list of people who have drawn more than 5 pieces of artwork for this site.
  3. Gallery - This is a picture by picture gallery of all the art NOT in an artist directory.
   If you'd like to see your artwork posted up here, please send it along with your name (real or nick), email address (optional), picture title, and a short description (please keep "baby talk" to a minimal). PLEASE, if possible, send only GIF's or JPG's (Zipped GIF/JPG's are fine too), since they are small and are viewable online. Also, PLEASE try to keep the dimensions at a minimal as well -- no more than 900 x 900, please. I don't want my visitors waiting for a half hour for images to download. Thanks ^^.

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