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   If you'd like to see your artwork posted up here, please send it along with your name (real or nick), email address (optional), picture title, and a short description (please keep "baby talk" to a minimal). PLEASE, if possible, send only GIF's or JPG's (Zipped GIF/JPG's are fine too), since they are small and are viewable online. Also, PLEASE try to keep the dimensions at a minimal as well -- no more than 900 x 900, please. I don't want my visitors waiting for a half hour for images to download. Thanks ^^.


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Ratté, Jessica

Joe JR
.  "Joe in My style" by Jessica Ratté.
  *looks around* Wow!! TCoR!! Hail Joe and Goma! ..anyhoo, oh, hi! Anyway, this is a pic of Joe, one of my favourite Digi-people, in my style. Yeah, it looks weird. I think I pumped Joe up a bit..Eeep. He might be a bit too short, that's why he's got funny stubby legs, but he's still a cutie, see? :) I wasn't sure if that's what the thing on his wrist looked like (which i thought was a watch, but it's probably not). I plan to do Izzy, too! He's, I THINK, my favourite, along with Davis! ...who, come to mention it, I plan to draw too..ANYWAYS, back on topic (I tend to get off topic a lot). Oh!! His shorts! I had to mix two colours together to get a shade that somewhat looked like nuff about this, here is Joe, in my style, lookin' a bit stubby, but he's cute, anyway :D

.  "Patamon" by Jessica Ratté.
  -WHY- is it that ALL pictures of Digimon are 1 pixel X 1 pixel??? I don't understand!! I had wanted to draw Angewoman, but naturally all of her pictures are like...puny. So I resorted to Patamon, who I like equally and who had a somewhat big picture BESIDES God-forsaken Augumon. It's an attempt at Patamon. And it sucks. I don't really like it, but I decided to let Steph post this since she thinks it's good (she must have been drunk when she said that). _LOOK AT HIS FEET_. They look like flippers!! Or..or..flat peas or something! How disgusting! And..his face. I don't like his face and I have _NO_ idea why. And then theres his wings. I highly doubt he could even lift himself off the ground with those. But, come to think of it, with those flippery feet of his, he looks like my beanie Pata... Hey man, but considering the other picture I tried to draw after this (and my DREADFULLY horrific picture of Lilymon which is not allowed to be seen by the human eye), this one is a lot better. My other Patamon had gross, huge eyes. Hmm..guess that's it.. It's Patamon. A bad Patamon, but it's still him, heh.

Gomamon JR
.  "Gomamon in my Style" by Jessica Ratté.
Ah, yes. Along came Joe in my style. And then, this....THING. This here is an attempt to draw Gomamon in my style, which isn't hideously ugly but lets just say little Mr. Goma doesn't really suit my style, because he looks like a demented rabbit, or hell...even one of those cabbits from "Tenchi Muyo!". As you can most likely see, I had mucho problemos drawing the back legs, because I'm not used to drawing little animals without knees, eep. Hey! And look, I forgot to finish his hair... Ah well.. This one is okay, but... it could be A LOT better. Goma and my style don't mix, ah well :) So...umm...Goma in my style, knock yerself out :)

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