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Joe Series 1 and 2
.  Jyou "Joe" Kido ('Joh   Kee - doh')

   Joe... you either love him or hate him... in my case, I love him. He is the show's most underestimated and underappreciated character. If he's not running away in fear from an evil Digimon, poor Joe's allergies act up... In Series 1, Joe is mostly there for two purposes: 1) to complain and be pessimistic, and 2) for comedy relief. The gang is always telling Joe to be quiet, or to be a bit more optimistic... Poor Joe. In 02, Joe is a little more down-to-earth. He's also grown a bit, and got himself a new hairdo and nicer glasses ^-^ He is studying to be a doctor and has an older brother named Jim. He is smart and reliable, hence why his crest is that of Reliability.
  So, why is Joe my fave char? I don't know. I take a liking to a lot of underappreciated characters, and to guys in glasses (^.-) hee hee...

Some Interesting Joe Facts: (from the Digimon DigiNET)

   Because Joe is Japanese, his family name is supposed to come first (but I'm sure you already knew that ^^), so it should be "Kido Jyou". Joe's name is pronounced the same in Japanese as in English (since his name in Japanese should be techincally spelled "Jou"). The meaning of his name is pretty interesting too:

ki ki: castle
do do: door
jo jou: healthy, strong

   So, I guess Joe's name means "strong castle door" ^^ *giggles* But of course, this is only a breakdown of his name in kanji, and may or may not reflect his personality... (I'll let you decide). I got this interesting bit of info from The Digimon DigiNET's VERY interesting article on Japanese Names, so those cute little Japanese graphics are theirs too...


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