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.  Baby: Pichimon
   Pichimon is the baby form of Pukamon. He is a transparent Digimon (except for his eyes) and is the smallest of the baby Digimon.
  Pichimon's main attack is Bubble.

.  Trainee: Pukamon (Amer. Bukamon)
   Gomamon's training form. He looks like a little swimming dinosaur. He can "fly" around, too (more like "floats"). In the first ep, he scared poor Joe out of his wits!
  Pukamon's main attack is Bubble Blow.

.  Rookie: Gomamon
   Gomamon is Joe's ABSOLUTELY adorable Digimon! He is Joe's exact opposite - outgoing and carefree. Goma's main purpose in Series 1 is to help Joe build up his self-confidence, strength, and to just understand Joe and be by his side. Goma is a water-type Digimon who looks like a fuzzy little seal =)... He's simply adorable and funny =) His name means "sesame seed monster", because of the patterning of his spots on his back.
  Gomamon's main attack is Marching Fishes.

.  Champion: Ikkakumon
   Gomamon's next digivolution using the digivice. Ikkakumon is a very large walrus/goat water mammal. He first appeared when Joe got in a fight with the Unimon, and Ikkakumon digivolved to help save Joe. His name basically means "horn monster".
  Ikkakumon's main attack is Harpoon Torpedo.

.  Ultimate: Zudomon
   Gomamon's Ultimate Digivolution using the Crest of Reliaibility (no, not this webpage, silly, the actual crest ^.^) Almost twice as big as Ikkakumon, Zudomon is a very strong and powerful Digimon. He looks like a cross between a whole LOT of animals (turtle, walrus, wolf, to name a few). His name derives from the word "zudon", which means "thud" or "crash".
  Zudomon's main attack is Vulcan's Hammer.

.  Mega: Marineangemon
   Gomamon's Final Digivolution. Marineangemon is one of the smallest of the Mega-Level Digimon (slightly larger than the size of a child's hand) and is Kenta's adorable partner on Digimon Tamers.
  Marineangemon's main attack is Kahuna Wave, which has yet to be seen, but I'm sure it's cool ^^ Hee hee.

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