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   In this section you can find my collection of little Gomamon and Joe related Icons and GIFS. Wee! These are all small images meant for well, stuff... Images with borders are actually bigger than I've made them. to see the actual size of the image, you can click on it and it will open in a new window (javascript required). If you don't have JavaScript, you can right-click on the image and select "View Image". Yeah. If you have any small Joe/Goma Icons and/or GIFS I don't have, send them to me! ^^

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YOU ATE ALL OUR FOOD!! Goma Walks Goma Walks Digivolutions
Crest of Reliability Digivolutions Goma Walks Joe's Head
Tag Crest of Reliability [2] Joe's Head [2] ZZZ
Sigh -.-; Goma Smiles Goma
gomamon Pichimon Bukamon Goma
Ikkakumon Zudomon Marine Angemon Digivice
Goma's Head Goma Sings Bukamon Pichimon
ADORABLE Joe! Cute Zudomon! Sleeping Goma Sleeping Goma (transparent)
Izzy and Joe dance Big Ikkakumon
Digivices [2]
Rotating Crests

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* GIFs © 2000 to TCor and SLWP.


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