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.  What If...?
  Okay, here's what this page is for. ^^ Say you're thinking (you probably aren't thinking this, but it's an example, okay?) "What if Gomamon was eating Gogurt?" and you wanted to see what it would look like. Well, you could e-mail me and ask me to draw it for you, or you could draw it yourself. It could be of Joe, Bukamon, Gomamon, ect. I'll even accept ones of other characters, but I'm not drawing them 'cuz I dunno how to draw the rest of the characters very well. ^^ Once it's drawn, it will be posted on this page. Below is a list of ideas sent to the old site that haven't been touched yet. If you have a pic idea, or drew one of the following, send it to me! I only accept GIF's, JPG's, and Zipped GIF/JPG formats. Bitmaps are usually too large and I don't like any of those Mac file formats... Thanks =)

.   What if...
  • ...Gomamon tried to open a childproof bottle? (With no opposable thumbs and large paws that ought to be interesting.)
  • ...Gomamon tried to walk on his hind legs?
  • ...Gomamon actually did get in a fight with Joe? (Remember "Ikakkumon's Harpoon Torpedo"?)
  • ...Gomamon tried to open a door?

  • -(Above submitted by Adam)
  • ...Gomamon was kissing another Gomamon and Gabumon was kissing Gatomon?? Please draw it!! PLEASE!!

  • - (Above submitted by Mew Da Mewtwo)
  • ...Gomamon and Joe were eating Gogurt in chicken suits(yet another crazy idea) Will you draw it please?

  • - (Above submitted by Garrett)
  • ...Joe walked in on Tai and Matt kising?
  • ...Gomamon and Palmon had a kid, what would it look like?
    - (Above submitted by Kagedtiger)


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