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   You are currently in the Digimon 02 section. Here, you can find the plot summaries of any episodes starring a cameo of Joe (which aren't many *sniffles*).


.  Old Reliable

Ep. 2-5 Screen   It's the frozen North and the Dig-idiot Emporer has planted another control spire. He now has the Gizamon building a prison for him, and guess who has come to rebel? Gomamon! But poor Goma's rebelling has only cost him not only a beating by the Gizamon, but also by the Emporer himself *sniffs* And its a pretty graphic scene too!! I almost cried as I watched Goma take a nasty beating! *wah!* Gomamon manages to get away, albeit bruised and battered, and makes his way up a "little hill" which "...isn't so little after all" (Goma). But, Gomamon gets lucky as he sees a monitor at the top of the hill. He walks (more likes drags himself) over to the monitor and somehow activates it by leaning on it.
   Meanwhile, Joe is talking with his friends about the anatomy exam they have to write when his digivice goes wild, which he somehow knows Gomamon's in trouble (Izzy must've told him about the TV things...) and he tells his friends that he has to go (and they don't question it either...) and he makes his way to is old school.
  Meanwhile, school has just ended for the new digidestined and Cody is on his way to kendo practice, despite Davis' pleas. As Cody leaves, Kari arrives, and asks Davis what's up. He tells her he's going to the computer room to go to the DigiWorld, and he gets excited when she agrees - he believes it'll be just him and her alone in the DigiWorld. To his dismay, though, the others are in the computer room too ("I can't win..." - Davis), and TK tells Kari that one of the Digimon has sent them a distress call. Yolei discovers the signal is coming from an area that's farther than they've ever been. Davis wants to go in, but upamon wants to wait for Cody...
   In the next scene, we see Cody at kendo practice with his granfather, and has his mind on other things (like Upamon) rather than on kendo. They take a break and Cody and his grandfather have a talk about his problem. Grandpa suggests using prune juice (*giggles*), but Cody's afraid that his problem "is even too big for prune juice...". Cody and his Gradpa discuss Cody's feeling of not being reliable to his friends, and Grandpa states that "you must rely on yourself before others can rely on you." Cody accepts this advice and leaves back for school to help his friends.
  Back at scool, the gang hears footsteps and Upamon thinks it's Cody, but Davis disagrees andsays to hide. They all run around (which looks pretty funny) and all stop to see that it's... Joe! (yay!) TK introduces Joe to the others briefly, then tells him there was a distress call, which Joe says is from Gomamon. Then Chibimon starts poking through Joe's grocery bag (best way I can describe it), which Joe states are actually supplies for an emergency. Kari invites Joe to come along to the DigiWorld which Joe agrees to (yay!) because he's worried about Gomamon. Cody then arrives, and an excited Upamon greets him. They discover the gate's open, and away they go!

  Upon their arrival in the DigiWorld, Davis makes it a fast point that it's cold (with snot and everything... ^^;) and asks Kari if she's alright and she nods. Cody walks up to Joe as he's digging through his bag, apoligizing for not introducing himself properly. Davis interrupts Cody, complaining about the cold. Joe hands the crew hand warmers, then TK makes a point about how reliable Joe is (..."I watch all those survival shows on TV." - Joe). Yolei is fighting with her hand warmer when she drops it and it melts away the snow. Upon picking it up, Yolei discovers Gomamon buried under the snow! He's cold and unconscious, and Joe and the others quickly work to dig him out. After Joe has revived Goma, Joe finds out he's alright, albeit battered and bruised. Goma tells Joe that Tentomon told him that he could use the TV to contact him if he was in danger. Joe pets Goma, telling him he looks terrible, but he means it in a nice way ^^. Goma tells Joe that he picked a fight with the Digimon Emporer (smooth move, Goma...^^;) Davis in the meantime notices that another Control Spire has been built, and the others proceed to explain to Joe what it is and what it's used for, and that no Digimon can digivolve. The team has to cross the ice in order to reach it, and Yolei asks Joeif he brought 6 pairs of ice skates. Smiling, Joe says he's all out ^^ Davis asks Joe if he brought any rope and when he replies he did, the team proceeds to build a sled pulled by the Digimon (minus Goma).
  The team begin their way toward the spire, but shortly come across trouble -- the Frigimon, under the Emporer's power, are guarding the spire. The Emporer orders them to attack, and the gang are soon dodging snowballs. Joe tells the team not to waste their time fighting the Frigimon, as their only goal is to actually destroy the spire. With hesitance, Davis agrees and they run past the Frigimon (that's plural), who in turn fire at a hill and cause an avalance, forcing the team to head for the cliff. By some dramatic and amazing feat, they all manage to stay on (despite the fact that the sled is literally hanging off the edge of the cliff after the 'mon jump across...) and continue running. Encountering a sharp turn, Cody is thrown off the sled (then how come they didn't fall off at the cliff??) and into a river. Despite his injuries, Goma jumps in after him.

   The crew has sought refuge in a cave, and Cody is now warming up by a fire. He is offered some herbal tea by Joe ("It's 10% herbal, and 90% tea!"), and then Yolei states how prepared Joe is, then Kari ("That's nothing! Wait till you see him during hayfever season!" - Kari). TK suggusts that Cody should stay behind, and Joe agrees to stay with him. Cody protests, but is eventually talked into staying by Armadillomon. So, the others leave, and Joe and Cody make some small talk. Armadillomon suggests they sleep for a bit, but Cody says he feels he should be helping the others. Joe tells Cody that is exactly how he used to feel too with the old team, "but I thought it was nausea" (Joe). He tells Cody that there's always a bigger picture and that both of them have stayed behind for a reason.
  As if on cue, they hear a rumbling outside the cave, and rush out to see it's the Emporer (yay) with Shellmon under his control. Joe tells Gomamon that he knows the reason why they were to stay behind - to serve as a distraction while the others went for the spire - and that he needs Goma to create a diversion. Gomamon follows through with the plan, and attempts to distract Shellmon with some bad jokes -.-;...
  Back at the spire, the team arrives with another attack from the Frigimon, and Veemon Armour Digivolves to Flamedramon to battle them...
   ANOTHER scene switch brings us back to Gomamon jumping back from Shellmon. Only NOW does Armadillomon decide he wants to Armour Digivolve to Digmon, and defeats Shellmon. The Emporer has another trick up his sleeve, however... Ebidramon splashes out of the water, and grabs Digmon and pulls him under.
   Meanwhile Davis' team agrees Flamedramon can handle the Frigimon, and proceed to attack the spire from the air (why didn't they do this in the first place??)...
  After commercials, the spire is destroyed, and Gomamon can digivolve! YAY! He digivolves to Ikkakumon and saves the day *cheers*. After the battle, Joe tells Goma that he is now in charge of watching over the area. Then they go back to the real world, yada yada... the end ^^

   Things that bothered me:

  1. The sled thing. Think about it: the kids are literally HANGING off the cliff, and they appear to be sitting perfectly fine on the sled, without falling off. Then when they round a corner, Cody goes flying off! Oy... it hurts my head to try and comprehend the physics of it all...
  2. Why didn't the kids attack the spire from the air in the first place? It would have saved them a LOT of unnecessary hassle... but then again, the episode would have been REALLY short if they did this...
  3. The fact that EVERYONE makes a point about how reliable Joe is!! This REALLY annoys me. People, that's why he has the Crest of Reliability: because he's RELIABLE. You said it once, that's good, now don't say it again! Oy...

   Favourite quotes from ep:

"Finally! It'll be like my dream come true!" (Davis)
"Excuse me?" (Kari)
*funny face* "Uh, I said I'm studying French... parlez-vous?"

- Davis to Kari when Kari agrees to go with him to the DigiWorld alone.

"Here I am, freezing my goggles off, and you're introducing yourself?!?"

- Davis to Cody, when cody begins to introduce himself to Joe

"...What day of the week is it??"
"Actually, it's Thursday, but you never did know the days, so you're back to your old self!"

- Joe to Gomamon when Goma's revived after being buried in the snow.

"...I need you to create a diversion. Keep him busy with some of that great 'Gomamon Charm' of yours!" (Joe)
"Gotcha!... Why did one Shellmon take the other Shellmon's lunch?? Because it was Shellfish!" (Goma)
*Shellmon roars and slaps at Goma*
" I guess you heard that one already..." (Goma)
*thinks* "THAT'S the great 'Gomamon Charm'?!" (Joe)

- Joe to Gomamon when attacked by Shellmon.

"... No problem is too big for prune juice!"

- Cody's Grandpa, when Cody tells him he has a problem.

"You have no sense of humour! GAH!!" (Goma)
"Try the Knock Knock jokes!" (Joe)

- Gomamon to Shellmon, Joe to Gomamon when still being attacked by Shellmon.

"What??" (Emporer)
"They said, 'They destroyed the Control Spire, now you can digivolve'." (Wormmon)
*yells* "It's just a figure of speech!!!" (Emp.)

- The Emporer and Wormmon, after the spire had been destroyed.

   Favorite parts: My Lord, this was the best episode of Series 2 so far!! Yay! My fave part, though, was the prune juice thing! *laughs* Hee hee... And of course when Gomamon saved the day *yay!*


.  20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea (Submitted by Kaz)
** This ep summary was written entirely by Kaz. Thanks a bunch! ^^

Digileagues Screen   Davis and company are tracking a Digi-Egg. Their search leads them to an odd oil well/refinery in the middle of the ocean. Upon entering the refinery, the Digimon Emperor, who has been monitoring their progress, sets a MegaSeadramon on the crew. The deranged Digimon uses his Thunder Javelin attack to start a leak in the underwater refinery. Davis panics, but Veemon pulls an Emergency Shutoff Valve, causing a series of wall-like structures to close in above them. The good news? The water can't reach them. The bad news? Now they can't escape! Cody separates himself from the group in a corner, and starts getting more upset over the situation than anyone else because he always used to have a dream in which he was trapped at the bottom of the ocean, and couldn't escape. Patamon discovers an emergency ejection vehicle for them to escape, but it only seats one person. TK and Yolei want Cody to be the one to go. Davis objects at first, but when Kari agrees with TK, so does he (^_^;;). Cody doesn't want to be given special treatment, and refuses to leave. Yolei hatches a plan in which the kids and Digimon draw white straws from her hand. One of the straws has a red bottom. TK shoves Cody towards Yolei to go first, and he picks the red-bottomed one. Armadillomon makes a comment about having beginner's luck, but Cody gets angry, and knocks the straws out of Yolei's hand. The straws fall to the floor, and all have red bottoms. Davis and Veemon are confused, until Kari explains that it was set up so that Cody could go ("You mean you didn't catch on to the plan?" - TK). Cody becomes more irate than ever, but TK and Davis carry him over to the vehicle and force him in. As the pod prepares to eject, Kari tells Cody to find Joe as soon as he gets back to the real world, as Ikkakumon is the only Digimon that can handle coming underwater.
  Back home, Cody calls Joe's cell phone, but gets only a message about him having to turn it off for his biology test. Cody checks the phonebook for the address of Joe's school and, on his way there, runs into his Mom and Grandfather. His Mom stops him, wanting him to do some errands for her. Cody objects, but won't explain why he can't. His Grandfather interjects, saying that Cody shouldn't be made to tell where he wants to go, and that since he obviously wasn't going to say, he might end up telling a lie - the worst possible thing anyone could do. Cody thanks his Grandfather, and continues on the way to Joe's school. Back in the refinery, the crew becomes agitated due to loss of air. Davis keeps banging his head against a bar, and when Yolei orders him to stop, he says that he only would if she stopped tapping her foot. An argument ensues.
  At Joe's school, Cody talks to a secretary, insisting that he needs to talk to Joe. The secretary says that Joe could only leave the school if there was a family emergency. Cody knows that his Grandpa told him never to tell a lie, but also knows that if he doesn't do something, then his friends in the Digital World will die. He lies to the secretary and says that Joe's father has been rushed to the emergency room.
  In DigiWorld, TK gets tired of just doing nothing and starts digging for the Digi-Egg. All the kids and Digimon decide to help them, making the best use of their time. In the meantime, Joe freaks out from Cody's news, and starts running as fast as he can towards the hospital ("Hold on, Pa! I'm coming!" - Joe). Cody stops him and tells him that he lied about his father, and needs him to come to the Digital World to rescue his friends. Joe calls Izzy on his cell phone, and asks him to locate an "Old Friend."
  In the refinery, the egg has finally been unearthed, and it bears the symbol of Reliability. No one can lift it. TK reasons that the egg must be for Cody. Armadillomon becomes excited when he learns that he's the next one to Armor-Digivolve, and envisions his new form as a Digimon that looks sort of like a handsome silver and bronze Angemon (without the iron mask covering his face). Davis, however, envisions a hideous Digimon that looks the same as Armadillomon, except with ugly spikes pointing out of his body and nose. Yolei whispers to Kari that she hopes it turns out to be the handsome one, and everyone laughs. Hawkmon, Veemon, and Patamon become confused, but Gatomon explains that the children are laughing to hide how afraid they really are.
  Yolei looks out of a porthole, and sees Ikkakumon swimming their way. Everyone becomes excited, but Ikkakumon is swiftly attacked by MegaSeadramon. As a battle between the two ensues, Cody and Joe arrive in Whamon's mouth ("Whamon's Taxi-Service, anyone?" - Joe). Before they go, TK wants Cody to take his Digi-Egg, but Cody refuses. He claims he hates the egg because it was the cause of the entire problem, and the reason he told a lie. He says he doesn't deserve the Egg of Reliability. Joe explains to Cody that there are two kinds of lies: bad lies and good lies. He says that Cody had to tell his lie to save the lives of his friends, and it was therefore it was a good lie. Cody is still upset, but Joe says that, if he wanted him to, he would explain the whole situation to his Grandfather. He then prompts Cody to take the egg, which he does. Armadillomon then Armor-Digivolves to Submarimon, a Digimon that resembles a....... submarine (^_^;;). Yolei, Davis, Joe, TK, Kari, and the Digimon escape through Whamon, but Cody gets inside an area of Submarimon that resembles a cockpit. Submarimon and Ikakkumon then team up to destroy the Dark Spiral on MegaSeadramon. At the surface, the rest of the Digi-Crew is worried over Cody not having surfaced, and wonder if he was able to destroy the spiral. MegaSeadramon then surfaces, everyone notices that his Dark Spiral is gone, and they all cheer for Cody.
  Back in his secret lair, Wormmon is worried about Ken's calm reaction to the defeat of MegaSeadramon and the discovery of another Digi-Egg. Ken laughs, and says that he doesn't care since he knows they will never be able to overcome his "secret plan."
  Submarimon swims around with Cody, and says to his partner that he was afraid of the ocean because he didn't know the more positive aspects of it. He swims through some peaceful ocean scenery, and Cody, overwhelmed by its beauty, is no longer afraid. The episode ends with Gomamon, who is hanging onto the tail of a swimming leatherback turtle, laughing as he zooms by the camera (awwww ^_^).

   Submarimon Stats:

  • Oxygen Torpedo
  • Submarine Attack
Means of Digivolution:
  • Digi-Egg of Reliability
  • "Guardian of the Seas"

   Funny Quotes:

"You colored all the straws red!" (Cody)
"Um... the first one was so pretty that I just couldn't stop myself...?" (Yolei)

- Cody to Yolei after Cody slaps the straws out of Yolei's hand.

"... I'm pretty good at biology.... unless it's molecular biology.... oh boy. I've gotta study."

- Excerpt from Joe's cell phone message.

"Oh, me tapping my foot on the floor is too annoying for you? How about I tap my foot on something else.... like your head!"

- Yolei to Davis after Davis tells Yolei to stop tapping her foot.

"It's OK, Cody. I'm just glad my Dad's not in the hospital." (Joe)
"But since your dad's alright, why don't you stop running?" (Cody)
(Slows down) "Oh. Right." (Joe)

- Cody and Joe after Joe learns his dad's alright.

"So much for my idea of the porcupine!"

- Davis upon seeing Submarimon.

"Normally if a thing like this had happened, you'd be very angry and smashed something... namely, me."

- Wormmon, shocked at Ken's calm behavior after being defeated.


.  Digimon World Tour, Part 2
** In the works... Submit this Summary

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