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   You are currently in the Digimon 01 (Old) section. Here, you can find the old episode plots starring Joe that Mishi had written prior to my management of this site. All i did was copy and paste, if there are any errors, me sorry =Ţ.


.  Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo

Ep. 7 Screen   Joe's signature episode! Matt and Tai are debating about whether to climb Infinity Mountain, but everyone decides to get some sleep in a cave first. Joe decides to climb the mountain to see if it's safe or not because he feels he's responsible for everyone. Gomamon tags along, despite Joe's protests. They finally make it halfway up Infinity Mountain when they see a bunch of black gears. They climb further up to see where they came from, but can't find the gears anywhere. Then Unimon comes down for a drink and the black gear goes into him. Tai, Sora, and Agumon come just in time (they're riding on Birdramon) and help Joe. But even Greymon and Birdramon can't defeat Unimon. Joe tries to pull the gear from Unimon's back, but gets tossed off, and proceeds to fall head-first towards the ground. ^^; Fortunately, Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon just in time (yay!), saves Joe, and destroys the black gear! Tai, Sora, and Joe decide to go ahead and climb all the way up to the top of the mountain "... and we found... well nothing. But I think we discovered quite a bit on the way up." -- Joe

   Favorite parts: The egg thing. "I'll have mine with mustard and jelly beans please." --Izzy


.  The Dancing Digimon

Ep. 11 Screen   Joe and Gomamon are floating in the ocean on a bed. Gomamon ate all the emergency food, and Joe gets really mad, and shakes him around and stuff.. and then proceeds to throw up. ^^; Then they find a crate, and try to open it, hoping there might be food in it. Instead, Ogremon pops out and whacks at them with his bone club. Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon *trumpets!* and Joe gets on his back.. well, more like his head. They get away, but Ikkakumon doesn't have enough energy and dedigivolves back to Gomamon. Joe drowns, and so does Gomamon, but he finally opens his eyes and tries to get Joe to some land or something, but he runs out of breath, and just then a fishing line hits them! Gomamon wraps it around Joe and hangs on. It turned out to be Sora's line. Joe's still unconscious while Gomamon tells Sora and Biyomon what happened. Gomamon is worried about Joe's self confidence, so he comes up with a plan to make Joe leader (big mistake, Goma ^^). When Joe wakes up (I swear it looked like he was listening to their conversation, he got up right after Gomamon said, "Simple, we just make him our leader.") they tell him he's the leader now, and he gets all freaked out. Then... he gets all... full of himself ("I'm the leader here!" --Joe) and stuff since he's now the leader. They find a church, and Sora tells Joe to go scout it out. He does and finds a "normal group of people...dancing...badly, I might add." --Joe. The people turn out to be Bakemon, and lock the digimon up. They tie up Joe and Sora, and are going to eat them. (Evil!) Meanwhile, back the dungeon-place, Gomamon and Biyomon trick the guard into getting them some food. The Bakemon (that's plural) turn into a huge Bakemon, Lord Bakemon. Gomamon and Biyomon digivolve and escape the prison, and attempt to fight off Lord Bakemon. They're starting to lose, until Joe remembers a show he once watched about a Roman physicist, and starts repeating the phrase "Bakemon lose your power" over and over, which looks really dumb, but it weakens Bakemon, and Ikkakumon and Birdramon finish him off. Joe does a little victory dance in the ghost bits. ^^ Then they find a bunch of black gears, which break, and head back towards Infinity mountain by riding on their digimon.

   Favorite parts: Prolly when Joe was attempting to be leader. ^^ And the beginning of the episode.


.  Weregarurumon's Diner

Ep. 23 Screen   Matt and Gabumon find a resturant, and find Joe and Gomamon working there. Joe explains why he's there (he was really hungry and he didn't have enuff money to pay the bill ^^;) and Matt says that after he finds T.K., he'll come back and help Joe pay off his debt. Digitamamon (an egg digimon with a hilarious voice, also the owner of the resturant) finds Demidevimon, who will pay him to keep Matt there. Digitamamon manages to get Matt to stay. He helps Joe, but he still really wants to go find T.K. He goes out to play his harmonica (Ahhh! Nooo...). Demidevimon is listening and tells Matt that he thinks something's wrong, and that it's obvious what's happening at the resturant. He gets Matt to think Joe might be purposely breaking and messing things up just to keep Matt there. Tai and T.K. find their way to the resturant, and as Joe what's happening. Tai decides that they should leave, but Matt gets mad and says that he's not going anywhere with Joe, because Joe only cares about himself. Tai tries to defend him, but ends up getting insulted too. ^^; Digitamamon comes along and says.."You weren't planning on running away, now were you? That would make me very angry!" and then does a hilarious laugh followed by a wheeze. He also says they can't leave until they beat him. Ikkakumon and Garurumon try to fight him, but he's to strong for them. Then Vegimon (the manager of the café) tells them they'd better stop or he'll drop T.K. Then Joe gets mad and tries to attack Vegimon, and frees T.K., but now he's caught in Vegimon's..arm-vine things or whatever they are. Matt ends up using his crest of friendship to help Garurumon digivolve to Weregarurumon, who saves the day! Yay! Matt apoligizes for doubting Joe. Later they find signals on their digivices that lead to their friends. They say temporary goodbyes, and split up, agreeing to meet at the foot of the mountain.

   Favorite parts: I dunno.. the whole episode I guess. ^^


.  Princess Karaoke

Screen   Joe and Tai find a huge palace-thing filled with Gekomon and Otomamon. They're all going crazy trying to fill out the princess's orders. Tai and Joe are left wondering who the princess is, and then find out it's.... Mimi! They get ready to leave, but find out she doesn't want to go. She wants to stay at the palace since she's spoiled rotten there. ^.^; Tai says he'll just sit there till she'll leave with them, but she gets the Gekomon to drag them away. They wonder what she did for them to wait on her like that. The Gekomon tell them that she was going to sing for them, to wake up their master, Lord Shogengekomon (eh.. I think that's right..). But they gave Mimi "the life she's been accustomed to, and then some", so she never actually sung the whole song for them. Tai decides he could wake Shogengekomon up, and sings (badly, might I add O.o)..It doesn't work, even after Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon try. Palmon comes over to them, and gives them a plan. They try to record her singing without her noticing, but she sees the cord, and Gomamon, Agumon, and Joe, so she screams very loudly (right into Tai's headphones!!). Her Gekomon minions lock them away in jail. Later, Mimi has a nightmare, with Devimon and Etemon, and no one will save her. Not the Gekomon, her friends, or even Palmon. Sora wakes her up, and explains what the dream means (okay, so she actually said "You know what this dream means.", but hey). Mimi decides to sing for the Gekomon and apologizes to her friends and the Digimon. Shogengekomon wakes up, but isn't too happy about it. He goes on a rampage whilst singing (gee, I wonder why he didn't win that singing contest. O.o). Metalgreymon (again!!) saves the day, and they finally get Mimi to come with them.

   Favorite parts: The beginning I guess ("We could go faster if we threw you off!" -Tai), and the part where they sing. ^^


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