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.  Ask Joe & Goma
   Welcome to the Ask Joe and Goma section where you can ask, Joe, Gomamon, or even me (Joemamon) any question at all! It doesn't even have to pertain to the website or the characters... This is devided into two sections:
  1. Ask Joe & Goma (Old) - This is the stuff that had been here prior to my management. It just looks neater to place it elsewhere.
  2. Ask Joe & Goma (New) - The new stuff, obviously.

  The reason I split it up is because there are some old questions that directed specifically to Mishi and MetalGarurumon, so... yah ^^. If you'd like to send Joe, Goma, or me a question, send me a mail! Please note that I don't write the responses to any of the questions asked to Joe or Goma... someone else does that for me ^^

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