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Crest of Reliability

  Welcome to TCoR's Mailing list, the List of Reliability! Sign up to get up-to-date info on changes to TCoR, plans for future updates, and recent Joe-related happenings! Just fill in your email address in the space provided below and click "Submit"!



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List of Reliability

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  Thank you one and all for considering to join or thank you for joining this Group list. This service is hosted by Yahoo!Groups, a faster and more reliable server than ListBot used to be. By having a group list, members are able to send messages to other members, chat with other members, post events, set up polls, etc. Below are the rules for this mailing list, so as we don't get carried away.


  1. Because this is a moderated list (meaning I see all and must approve all email going to the list), you can be assured there will be no SPAM, junk, or useless email not related to Digimon, Joe or Gomamon. In otherwords: NO SPAMMING.
  2. The only stuff allowed to be sent through the mailing list by other members are updates on YOUR webpages (will be read first by me, THEN approved) and recent news on Digimon (this one is a BIG maybe. Not everyone really cares if the new Digimon cards are out...).
  3. No profanity or sex-related content. This is supposed to a family-friendly site, so I don't want the F-word every 2 words. "Hell" is alright, as long as it is used appropriately.
  4. If you want to communicate with other members of the list, use the "CHAT" function. ONLY members on the list are allowed in the chat room, and my assumption is you are all mature enough to keep it clean. Chat does not have to be Digimon-related, just as long as you aren't being obnoxious. Anyone abusing the Chat function will be banned from the list.
  5. Don't add stupid links to the bookmarks section. They will be checked on a regular basis by me. You may place you webpages up there, as well as your other favourite Digimon-related sites. That's it. YOUR site doesn't have to be Digimon/animé related, so as long as it's suitable for all audiences (rating must be no greater than PG).

Sending to the List

   Below is a list of the addresses for the list and a description of their purpose.

Join the List

   Just simply fill in your email address in the box below and click submit. It will then bring you to a Yahoo! sign-in page. Just follow the steps from there.

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   I hope this page has help clear up any concerns you may have. If you have any other questions regarding the list, please visit the Yahoo!Groups Help Page prior to emailing me. Thanks!



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