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   This section is just a link page to some of the most infomative and fun Digimon sites online (in my opinion, of course ^^).

  • The Digimon DigiNET - This has to be THE BEST Digimon site. IT is VERY complete and has a LOT of stuff about Series 1 AND 2. There's all kinds of interesting Japanese articles here too. ^^ Check it out =)
  • Digimon Zero - Another VERY complete Digimon site with LOTS to do ^^ Visit them too!
  • Digimon Connection - These sites just keep getting bigger and bigger ^^ Visit them! Now!
  • Digital-Monsters.Com - Yet another large Digimon site... Always up to date.
  • The DigiAlbum - A nice DigiSite mostly for pictures and episodes. Wee!
  • The Digimon Sekai - A nice little pagie about Digimon. Wee!
  • Patamon's Pad - A cute little site dedicated to TK and Patamon! Wee!
  • The Digimon Experience - WOW! This is a HUGE site that is VERY up to date! It's mostly about Digimon Tamers, but I like it oh so much ^^ Check it out!


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