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   This section here is the Character Shrines section, where you can visit other Digimon pages like this dedicated to a particular Digimon character. I haven't been to all of them yet (these are the old links from the old site), so I haven't described them yet and don't know if the links all work, so I'm sorry if something isn't working. I'll have them fixed by next update, tho... Sites I haven't checked don't have descriptions next to them... yeah.

Enigma Reality Check
  • The Yamato Shrine - For some reason, a lot of people like this guy... a site dedicated to Matt and only Matt. Nice page, actually ^^
  • The Gomamon Room - A nice and small little shrine to Gomamon... I can't see it right, for some reason. *sighs*
  • The Shrine of Splash - Wee! Another Gomamon Fansite!! Yay! I like this site too. Some of the screen shots on this site are from here. Please visit them.
  • DigiVibes - I haven't been through the whole site yet, but I believe this is a site dedicated to Tai... I'll get back to you on it.
  • Kari's Digital World - A beautifully layed out site dedicated to Kari and Gatomon. Unfortunately, you can't do anything at it. Please fix it!!

  • Patamon's Pad - A cute little site dedicated to TK and Patamon! Wee!
  • Project GOMA - This is another Gomamon shrine by ChibiGoma... it's currently on hiatus, so I can't really say much about it...
  • It's Izzy - A site all about Izzy. what could be better? ^^

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