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.  Fan Fiction
  Hey all, and welcome to the Joe and Goma Fanfiction Section. I don't know about you, but it's REALLY hard for me to find ANY fiction strictly about the lives of Joe and Gomamon, which is why I like this section. It is divided into 3 categories:
  1. New Fiction - Self explanitory.
  2. Author Listing - This here is a list of people who have written more than 5 pieces of fiction for this site.
  3. Gallery - This is a story by story listing of all the writings NOT in an author directory.
   If you'd like to see your fiction posted up here, please send it along with your name (real or nick), email address (optional), story title, and a short description of the plot that will want to make people read it (required [I don't have time to read EVERY fiction just so I can add a description...]). The preferred formats for fiction are MS Word Document (*.doc), HTML, and a NEAT *.txt file ('neat' being where you don't have to scroll horizontally 5 miles to read the story), and a ZIP file of the prior formats. Please do not hesitate to send all versions... some people might like to read their story as a Word Document rather than an HTML file. Also, please note that any fiction sent to me that only includes a *.doc will also be converted to HTML (horray for Word 98! ^^) for those without the program. Also, prior to sending your fiction, PLEASE have someone proofread for spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies... NO ONE likes to read a story that's so badly written that they have to stop... Your fiction can also be poetry, songs, and your own episode scripts. Thanks ^^

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